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We offer a variety of media and format options to meet your specific requirements:

  • Standard DVD

  • Flash Drive (USB 3.0)

  • Hard Drive (USB 3.0)

  • Internet / Cloud

Scan Prints, Negatives, and 35mm Slides to DVD

All work professionally done in Naples, Florida
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Your Family Will Enjoy Your Home Movies on DVD
DVD-Transfer-Specialists makes it easy to transfer your 35mm Slides to DVD

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Actual Customer Slides from 1955
LEFT: Low Resolution Scan provided by customer from another scanning service
RIGHT: DVD-Transfer-Specialists Scan
Both pictures reduced for web viewing using identical settings

We exercise great care with your irreplaceable memories


Are you working to make an anniversary special? --- Let us help you make a DVD video or slide show that is truly unique.

A few suggestions:
Separate and number your pictures into categories with a unique theme: (the early years, wedding, graduation, ceremonies, celebrations, children, vacations, sporting events). Normally, chronological order is best. We can make introductory slides with text for each category. Text can be layered on slides. You can mix prints, slides, negatives, and even video clips on a single DVD.

Share your 35mm slide memories on DVD:

  • Your DVD will start with a menu - allowing you to play any "chapter"

  • Slides, Negatives, Photographs, Movie Film, or Video Tape on the same DVD

  • Each slide scan is digitally improved with infrared scratch and dust removal,  adjusted for color, brightness, contrast, and rotated to correct orientation

  • A single DVD can hold thousands of high resolution slide images

  • Professional background music at no extra charge

  • DVD Slide Shows can be viewed on Television or Computer

  • Your images will display with excellent color and high resolution

  • Extra USB Flash Drives, or DVD Copies are inexpensive

  • You can add family information, text, or an audio track to your slide show

  • In addition to 35mm slides, we handle IX240 Advanced Film, 126 (Square Film), and 110 (quite small)

  • Your slides, prints, and negatives are returned along with the DVD Slide Show

  • With our full service package, we view and adjust every scan image for improved cropping, color balance, and restoration of aged or color faded slides

Did your projector break years ago?

  • Apply edits and titles after seeing an initial copy of the DVD
  • Add names, titles, or narration to family pictures
  • What is written on the box, may not be what is on the film
  • Let us transfer your slides to DVD and send you a "Director's Cut" for your editing. Review the DVD on television, get family input, and email us with your menu titles and picture text changes. We will store your project on our editing systems and apply your changes for only a very reasonable price. Copies can then be made of the final version.

Not All Slide And Film Scanning Is Created Equal

DVD-Transfer-Specialists slide and film scanning is an exceptional value!

These FADED SLIDES were ALL restored - See Example below - the "stagecoach slide" is top row, third from left
(No extra charge for larger quantities of slides)

Benefit of Professional Color Restoration

Low Resolution Basic Scan 2,000+ DPI Scan & Color Restoration

Contact us if you have film negatives or slides, but are not really sure what is on them. We also assist if you want to use a slide sorter, or we can send you a "Director's Cut" of the DVD slide show. You can then select the pictures, menus, and sequence for the final version DVD slide show.

Prior to shipping your slides or negatives, please consider these recommendations.

  • Group your slides into categories (year, weddings, births, celebrations...). Your slides may already be in categories if they are in boxes or carousels. You will be able to select and play each category from the DVD menu.
  • Sort and orient (front / back) the slides in the sequence and orientation to play on the DVD slide show. Once again, this may already be done.
  • We would appreciate if you would count and number your slides. Send us an edit sheet with the name of each category, and the number of slides in each. However, if you package them securely using several rubber bands (with a category label attached), or ship us slide storage boxes or carousels, we can use this sequence - and will count and number your slides for you.
  • If you would like a title slide, or a title slide for each slide show, send us the text and we will insert it as the first slide in the slide show. (EXAMPLE: THE SMITH FAMILY PICTURES: 1950'S TO 1980'S).
  • If TOP of picture is not obvious, please put an ARROW indicating UP on slide mount.
  • If your slides have been remounted, or it is not obvious which side is to screen, please write "TSTS" for THIS SIDE TO SCREEN (or some other code, but tell us what it is) to indicate the correct slide orientation.  (see more in our FAQ section).
  • You may wish to use "zipper" plastic bags and "bubble wrap" to cushion and secure your slides in a shipping box. Use slide boxes, plastic sleeves, slide carousels or rubber bands to maintain the correct sorting order and further protect your slides.

3D or Stereo Slides:

  • Do you have "3D" or stereo mounted slides? The mounts may be plastic, cardboard, or aluminum. These pictures were taken with stereo cameras. We are successfully scanning the images from Holson Products, EMDE, and Realist 3D stereo slides. Perhaps the pictures of your wedding are on this unique product. We do not remove the film or damage the 3D stereo film holder. Due to the small film size, these specialty scans are done at over 2,000 DPI, all with color correction. Our charge per image is the same as our enhanced slide scanning. We recommend our slide transition feature for viewing these unique pictures in a slide show.


As part of providing our services, DVD-Transfer-Specialists normally returns your slides in new storage boxes. Please record any information from the old slide boxes that you want preserved. Number your slides or slideshow categories in the sequence you want the slideshow to play on the DVD. The DVD menu will be customized with your "DVD Title" (example: "The Smith Family Memories"), and DVD "Chapter Titles" for each slideshow category (example: Chapter 1: 1950 - The Wedding). Send us the DVD Title and Chapter Titles along with your order, and email as an attachment (a Word Document is fine) to:
Please call us in Orlando or Naples at +1-239-206-3448 with questions or to discuss your project.


How Much Will It Cost?
Use Our Pricing Calculators for many of our most common requests. Don't hesitate to send us an email or call to discuss your project.

Share & Preserve Your:
  • 35mm Photographs
  • Engagement Photos
  • Honeymoon Photos
  • Baby Montage
  • Childhood Photos
  • Family Reunions
  • Sporting Events
  • Life Tribute Photos
  • Anniversaries
  • Recitals
  • Digital Pictures
  • PowerPoint
  • Medical / Dental Use
  • Printing
  • 35mm Slides
  • Wedding Reception Love Story
  • Film Negatives
  • Family Albums
  • Vacation Photos
  • Children's Artwork
  • Graduation Ceremonies
  • School Functions
  • Camping
  • Fishing Trips
  • Children Growing Up
  • Educational Use
  • Web Pages

Customer Comment: "Needless to say we are very pleased with the final results....comparing your DVD to the other was like day and night. Why didn't it happen the first time around? Then again ....maybe it was meant to be.....we would never have good things do happen! We will be in touch with you concerning the best way to handle the titles shortly. Thanks again for a good job."

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